Course of action of the HoliCow project

An overview of the next three years
19 March 2024 by
Course of action of the HoliCow project
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You may have read about the overall aim of the HoliCow project already: allowing small and mid-sized dairy farms to become more resilient through the use of big data. Thanks to the data collected by Milk Recording Organizations (MROs), as well as the data coming from previous projects (e.g. HappyMoo), the 12 partners involved are aiming to develop new tools for farmers. More generally, HoliCow is part of the Interreg NWE approach of building more resilient communities and of preserving our landscapes.

What is the actual work plan?

To achieve this ambitious goal, an action plan has been established and will take place during the next three years. Each phase of this plan represents a pillar within the HoliCow project itself.

The first phase consists in collecting data to develop an easy-to-use tool designed for farmers. By collecting direct feedback from the users, a community database will also be created.

The second phase of the HoliCow project should allow us to perfect this tool in close collaboration with the farmers. An app and an intuitive community database are some considered ideas. Thanks to the help of pilot farms, these tools will be in tune with the reality of farmers. The tool will then be promoted, and the new users trained.

During the final phase, we would like to connect people with the farms. This includes the promotion of what is being done throughout the project. The goal is to bring to light the efforts made by the agricultural community to become stakeholders of greener and more resilient communities. Activities such as open farm days will also be organized in order to bring closer the citizen and their local dairy farms.

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