ESTEL NUMÉRIQUE was created in the context of an official mission to collect and process data as part of the collective scheme for the genetic improvement of cattle herds. ESTEL is now well-renowned within the IT and agricultural world. Over the years, ESTEL has built up her own identity and, more importantly, we have developed effective, scalable, and secure solutions for professionals. Together, we develop innovative digital solutions for the agricultural world and SMEs, such as software and end-user program for farmers, advisors, etc.

ESTEL is the historical partner of both ELIANCE and EUROPEAN MILK RECORDING with regard to IT development and farm level data driven applications. We have specific skills in API (Application Programming Interface) for web-based systems, which are of great help in the process of extracting and sharing data within and across our partners.

Within the HoliCow project and in collaboration with our other partners, ESTEL will develop IT modules and API to create a mobile application for farmers. Thanks to this application, end-users will be able to see indicators in terms of animal wellbeing and climate mitigation, for example, which will be the results of the work carried out by the international cooperation of Milk Recording Organizations and universities.

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Jean-Pierre Allard, IT Project Manager

I am in charge of developing the database and tools for spectral data for ELIANCE, the federation of MRO in France. Our team is also developing the platform for EMR, which allows the monthly calculation of standardization coefficients.

Guillaume Courtois, IT Project Manager

I am in charge of developing the data exchange platform between farm automated systems (LELY, DELAVAL, GEA, BOUMATIC, PACKO-FULLWOOD, AFIMILK, MEDRIA, SENSEHUB) and MROs. I am also part of the team creating the tools for ELIANCE (and its MRO) in the MIR context and for EMR (Webservice, API, Batch) in the context of spectrum standardization.

Julien Tschaenn, Marketing & Communications

I help with the website and other communication channels. I also share my expertise in marketing strategy and communications for the Holicow project.
Additionally, I am committed to representing the project to our partners at ESTEL.