ELIANCE is the national federation of the livestock advisory and service companies. These companies, located all over France and in Wallonia, work in all or part of the major areas of breeders support such as animal recording, genetic improvement, breeding, and technical-economic advice. ELIANCE represents, stands for and supports the competitiveness of its members at the national, European, and international levels. ELIANCE’s members are key players in the dairy cattle, beef cattle, goats, and sheep sectors. They support 80,000 ruminant breeders, being 1 breeder out of 2!
ELIANCE also leads some research and development programmes (zootechnical, biotechnological, digital innovation…), promotes innovations for which it ensures that a favourable environment is maintained, provides scientific, technical, legal, administrative, animal health or communication support missions for all its members, organises an active monitoring in the legal and social areas and is strongly involved in the animation of the institutions working on the organization of the livestock sectors.
ELIANCE remains fully able to take up the socio-economic and environmental challenges by supporting its members with developing new solutions for the animal welfare, the environmental footprint, the income of the breeders, the attractiveness of the professions, biodiversity, social acceptance, etc.
Our role in the HoliCow project is to coordinate the activities in France. Thanks to our expertise, we will also contribute to the development of the tools but also to the creation of the supports needed to advise and train the farmers in the use of this tool. Our team will roll out the monitoring tools in France through the web on existing platforms, but also promote them to reach a large number of farmers in the whole country.

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