The LKV SH has years of experience in the collection, computation and evaluation of large-scale livestock data from the Schleswig-Holstein state cattle population. Considering that Schleswig-Holstein represents a pilot state in the German Digitalisation Strategy, LKV SH represents a data centre and a MRO at the same time. This specific profile increases IT capacities and opens up many opportunities to integrate the results of Big Data management into the daily working procedures of MROs.

LKV SH operates a proprietary Data Center, a Milk Laboratory and has specifically trained field service staff, who are in close contact with the farmers and the animals. The LKV SH has a large experience in collaborating with all kinds of partners from the industry to the academic world.

We are located outside of the NWE area. As partner, our specific role is therefore as follows: we will intensively cooperate in all WPs. We will provide raw and processed data from Schleswig-Holstein cattle population (including milk recording for approximately 300,000 cows in 2,200 farms). More specifically, LKV SH will provide information about the milk (amount, composition, IR Specra, etc.) and meta-data from the participating farms (herd-size, location, production capacities, etc.).

Furthermore, our organisation is able to provide computational resources from a proprietary Data Centre (Storage, RAM & CPU). We will also be involved in the testing of the tools thanks to pilot farms in our region.

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