The LKV-NRW is a service company mainly active in the dairy industry. We are responsible for the implementation of milk recording (including milk collection for more than 330,000 cows in 3,150 farms), and the quality testing of raw milk. The milk samples are analysed in our own laboratory, a 100% subsidiary of LKV-NRW, and the results are integrated into the management system. In addition, LKV-NRW provides IT tools for farmers and consultants for management and decision-making.

LKV-NRW is also the official association for the identification and registration of animals and we are responsible for the auditing of milk suppliers for the quality management program QM-Milch.

LKV-NRW implements the HoliCow project goals and ensures the coordination of the project in North Rhine-Westphalia. Thanks to our expertise, we will be organizing training courses and mentoring the farmers who provide data and who are involved in the pilot phase. In addition, our tasks will include the construction of monitoring models, the integration of routines, and the development and implementation of IT tools.

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Our team

Christian Rottig, Head of Milk Performance Testing

As a milk recording organization, we take care of farmers' data. Farmers can use our data to improve milk production, herd health and feed efficiency. In the project we provide spectral data so that scientists can create different models. I am responsible for communicating with our IT and laboratory staff and connecting them to the project.