ICBF is an independent, farmer-led organisation providing services to Irish farmers and industry. Our shareholders consist of farmers, as well as Milk Recording, AI, and Herdbook organisations.

ICBF hosts the national AgTech database, which stores data from a wide variety of stakeholders. This data allows us to analyse trends in genetic gain, fertility, herd health and animal carbon emissions. A scientific application of these metrics allows us to develop animal profitability indexes in collaboration with our partner organisation, Teagasc, and have a key part to play in helping the Irish agriculture sector to meet its sustainability goals.

We also provide tools, including our Herdplus subscription service, which equips farmers with accessible information allowing them to make more informed management decisions, to subsequently increase farm profitability. This ensures that each generation of animals bred is more environmentally and economically sustainable than the last. Industry partnerships in the delivery of breeding services has driven sectoral change in terms of the genetic merit, reputation and profitability of the national herd.

ICBF has significant experience with EU-funded projects and leverages national and regional funding as well. Our key role in the HoliCow project will be to build the data pipelines required to meet project objectives. We will do this by liaising with researchers, farmers and advisors while also delivering the outputs of the project to the Irish dairy sector. Furthermore, we will act as a Work Package leader, closely cooperating with all partners throughout the project.

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