Elevéo is part of the awé group, the Walloon Breeders Association, a breeding and reproduction organization for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, and rabbits.

Elevéo supports the livestock farmers from the Walloon region in the technical and economic management of their farms. Our technicians collect data from the farms and our scientific team analyses it to provide feedback to farmers and help them improve the livestock and the economic management of their farms. We also register the origin and pedigree of cows and bulls from member farms in herd books.

Elevéo has world-renowned expertise in the development of digital tools for livestock farming. For example, we manage the Walloon zootechnical database. We have our own IT, communication and R&D units, which work together on the HoliCow project. 

Elevéo already has significant experience in the management of European and Interreg projects and has been the lead partner of other great projects such as OptiMIR, HappyMoo or Bluester. Elevéo is also hosting the project transnational database and has IT capacities to allow the running of the digital tools developed. Our communication team is also of great value for the forthcoming communication campaign planned for the third phase of the project.

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Our Team

Julie Leblois, Project Manager

I'm in charge of the global scientific and financial coordination of the project. Thanks to my experience in a past Interreg NWE project, I'm comfortable with the administrative rules of the programme but also with the scientific follow-up of the different working groups.

Carlo Bertozzi, Director of Innovation

My department includes IT, R&D, and communication services, all three very important for the HoliCow project. The team can therefore benefit from my 25-year experience working with breeding associations. I also am the vice-chairman of the EEIG European Milk Recording (EMR), which will be publishing the results of the project.

Marie-Nguyet Tran, Scientific Collaborator

I'm working on two work packages for HoliCow. Thanks to the experience acquired in a previous project, I am in charge of providing data from Elevéo for the transnational database. I am also involved in WP3 for the follow-up of pilot farms.

Lisa Wolwertz, Communication Officer

I'm in charge of coordinating the communication strategy of HoliCow and I am responsible for disseminating the project to the general public. I'm convinced that communication plays a vital role in bringing the HoliCow project to life.