EFFAB (European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders) is the association that represents the animal breeding and reproduction organisations and companies in Europe. Members of EFFAB are involved in the genetic improvement of different farm animal species and represent a wide diversity of farming systems.
Together with our members, we promote sustainable, responsible, and balanced animal breeding. EFFAB is a crucial stakeholder in the debate around sustainable livestock and aquaculture. Our policy positions are primarily science-based and reflect the practicability in the field. EFFAB therefore calls on policy makers to draft legislation based on both those principles.

At EFFAB, we support our members by:

- Engaging in dialogue and showing sustainability and transparency of existing and future breeding and reproduction activities to the animal farming community, to politicians, stakeholders and, indirectly, to the general public.

- Promoting to the EU, national and other bodies that policy and legislation offer an optimal legal framework for existing and future animal breeding and reproduction operations.

- Stimulating European and (trans)national research for innovation and development in the animal breeding and reproduction sector.
🇪🇺 Facilitating the members to gain the best support from European research and innovation policies.

EFFAB will support communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement activities of the HoliCow project at the European level. Our experienced team will help create a project identity, promotional materials, articles, practical abstracts, audiovisual materials and raise the profile of the project through participation to various stakeholder events. We will also establish a European stakeholder advisory group and exchange ideas on future policy implications based on HoliCow applications.

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Cagla Kaya, Senior Project Manager

I lead EFFAB’s participation in European Projects and the knowledge exchange and transfer to the relevant sector stakeholders, mainly European breeding companies. I coordinate the work carried out in communication, dissemination and training tasks for projects, such as Holicow.

Maureen Mc Donald, Communication Officer

Together with the communication team, I help in translating the scientific and technical narrative into the most dynamic and interesting stories for everyone. In the Holicow project, I am part of the communication work package, where I contribute to the storytelling of the project and its visual identity.

Sinead Phillips, Project Manager

I am a project manager helping drive EFFABs participation in European projects. In the Holicow project, I help adding value through knowledge exchange and transfer of research results to a wide range of stakeholders and partners with the ultimate effect of shaping positive impact on current and future policies.

Remark Temali, Communication Officer

I work, together with Maureen and Ebba, on the communication activities and strategy of EFFAB and HoliCow. The challenge is to make specific topics understandable and catchy to the widest public possible.

Ebba Eriksson, Communication Officer

As a Project and Communication Officer, I contribute to EFFAB’s mission, values, activities and collaborations, working across communications, projects and policy.