CONVIS is an agricultural cooperative. Its main activities are animal production and agricultural advisory services. CONVIS has a direct relationship with farmers and provides milk recording for 80% of dairy farms in Luxembourg. We also organize other performance tests, and we advise on all aspects of livestock breeding, feeding, husbandry and care. We are also in charge of safeguarding the interests of livestock breeders. CONVIS delivers for example IT tools to farmers and extension workers for management and decision making.

Within the scope of CONVIS consulting activities, a large amount of animal-specific, field-related and management-related data from the direct production areas is determined, but also partly newly generated data is processed. This includes milk control, fertilizer planning, as well as farm-specific, annual assessments of a number of important environmental parameters such as emission inventories of climate-relevant gases, as well as nutrient balancing.

Besides providing relevant data from Luxembourg, one of the main tasks of CONVIS in the HoliCow project is to promote the current data processing procedures and to digitally optimize them for the end user. An important part will be the workup of administrative aspects like data ownership, collection, access, control, transferability and to define the monetary value of agricultural data across countries and involved industries. At CONVIS, we have significant knowledge when it comes to formal and procedural framework and implementation aspects in the field of data acquisition and management, which will be of great use in this project.

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